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March 07, 2019
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Find out the many ways in which you can reduce bunion pain and swelling.

A bunion is a foot deformity that most often occurs in women, although men can develop this problem, as well. Known professionally as a bunionshallux valgus, a bunion occurs when the bone near the joint of the base of the big toe is out of alignment. This problem occurs gradually rather than suddenly, so many people don’t even realize that they have a bunion until it’s visible or causing pain. If you have been diagnosed with a bunion by our Vineland, NJ, podiatrist, Dr. Belancio, here are some of the ways to treat the problem:

Conservative Bunion Treatment

This is usually the first course of action when it comes to treating your bunion symptoms. If you aren’t sure whether your discomfort is actually due to a bunion or not, you should first visit our Vineland, NJ, foot doctor for a diagnosis. Once we have determined that you do have a bunion we will recommend certain lifestyle modifications and habits that are intended to reduce your pain and discomfort. Those treatment options include,

  • Wearing appropriate footwear: Look for shoes that have a roomy toe bed that doesn’t bunch up toes or put pressure on the bunion. Stay away from shoes with a heel higher than 2 inches and shoes that have a pointed toe box, as this can put additional pressure on the bunion.
  • Use padding or a splint: Bunion pads can be applied to the deformity to prevent friction and the development of a callus when walking around in shoes. You may also choose to splint the foot to realign the bone and joint to reduce the amount of stress being placed on the bunion.
  • Try over-the-counter pain relievers: If you want a way to alleviate pain or swelling try ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which can target both of these symptoms when they surface.
  • Use an ice pack: No matter whether you want to avoid taking medication or you are just looking for a way to reduce achiness and inflammation, applying an ice pack to the bunion can help dull the pain and get rid of swelling. Just remember to always wrap the ice pack with a towel or cloth before applying to the skin and never leave it on the skin for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Do I Need Surgery?

While surgery is the only way to fully repair the deformity, this isn’t usually recommended unless you have exhausted all other treatment options or if bunion pain is persistent and severe. In most cases, your symptoms can be treated with simple at-home care and lifestyle modifications.

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