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By South Jersey Foot and Ankle Specialists, LLC
April 28, 2021
Category: Foot Care
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Diabetic FeetWhen it comes to diabetes nothing is more important than living a healthy lifestyle and taking the proper medications to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Controlling your blood sugar is key to preventing health complications. Along with turning to a regular doctor and endocrinologist, it’s important that you also add a podiatrist to your team of specialists to monitor and maintain good foot health.

Why is foot health important?

People with diabetes are at a much greater risk for developing serious problems such as nerve damage, loss of sensation, ulcers, and decreased circulation. This chronic condition also increases your risk for infections. Even small cuts and minor blisters can lead to a serious infection if left untreated.

This is why it’s important that any changes to your feet, even minor ones, are addressed and treated by a podiatrist rather than trying to treat the problem yourself. By turning to a podiatrist you can prevent further complications from happening.

How do I care for diabetic feet?

There are many things that you can do every day to maintain healthy, happy feet. This is something that your podiatrist can discuss with you when you come in for a comprehensive evaluation. Even if you have your diabetes properly controlled with medication, it’s still important to have a foot doctor that you can turn to for routine care, nail trimming, and more. Some tips for keeping diabetic feet healthy and problem-free include,
  • Washing feet with warm water and soap at least once a day. Make sure that you also clean between toes. Once your feet are thoroughly clean, also dry them off completely before applying moisturizer.
  • Never go barefoot, even indoors, as this could lead to an injury. Make sure to always check your shoes before putting them on to ensure that dirt or small objects may not be inside (as this can lead to injury).
  • Wear shoes that provide the proper fit. There are shoes designed specifically for those with diabetes; however, as long as you wear shoes that provide protection, optimal support, and the ideal fit, this is all you need.
  • You should always have your feet examined by a podiatrist at least once a year to check blood flow and to make sure that there are no issues. If you have trouble trimming your nails properly, you can also turn to a podiatrist who will do it for you.
If you are living with diabetes and you don’t have a podiatrist that you turn to, you must find one that you trust. Foot problems can occur out of nowhere, and when they do, a foot doctor is going to be the specialist you’ll need to turn to right away.
By South Jersey Foot and Ankle Specialists, LLC
March 05, 2021
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Foot Care   Diabetic Foot  

We depend on our feet to get from place to place, to navigate our world, so taking good care of them is already very important. It becomes much more important if you suffer from diabetes as you have to be extra diligent to make sure they, along with the rest of you, are healthy. To learn more about how your podiatrist can help you care for your feet contact Dr. Jeffrey Belancio of South Jersey Foot and Ankle Specialists in Vineland, NJ.

Guarding Against Infection

Infection is your number one enemy where it comes to foot care if you suffer from diabetes. On one front there is nerve damage, which is very common among diabetic patients, affecting about half of them. This nerve damage on the legs and feet can dull your sense and make you unaware that something is wrong, and so infection can progress unnoticed without help from your podiatrist.

Poor circulation, also common by those afflicted with the chronic condition, can lengthen the healing time for infections, which is what makes them so dangerous. More so if they go unnoticed. If allowed to progress, an infection can threaten your life. That is why once it has advanced too far into the limb that many doctors suggest amputation as a drastic, but necessary life-saving measure. The guard against infection is regular examinations of your feet, both by yourself and your podiatrist.

Diabetic Foot Care in Vineland, NJ

Your podiatrist not only checks your feet for signs of infection but can help prevent problems that could turn into one. Such as with ingrown toenails, by helping you trim them properly.

They can also treat corns and calluses, and other foot-related conditions to prevent complications. So if you're diabetic you should not try to care for these on your own, instead, turn to your podiatrist to treat them in a professional and safe environment. Make an appointment with Dr. Belancio of South Jersey Foot and Ankle Specialists in Vineland, NJ, by dialing (856) 839-0579.

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